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Fuhao Tomb

Hosted by two YinShang archaeologists Zheng zhenxing and Chen zhida, Fuhao tomb was explored in 1976, which was listed to Ten Great Achievements of Archaeology at nation level of that year. The Fuhao tomb is situated to the southwest of the base of Group Bing, and it is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the Yin Ruins Palace ancestor temple area since 1928. Besides, this tomb is the only well-preserved imperial tomb of Shang Dynasty.The lengths of it from north to south and from west to east are 5.6 meters and 4 meters respectively, and the tomb is 7.5 meters deep. The temple is named Muxinzong.

Fuhao Temple
After the death of Fuhao, the king WuDing had the temple built to offer sarifices to her.Because the temple title of Fuhao is Xin,the temple on her grave was named "Muxinzong" according to the divination. The building is the restored Muxinzong's remains.

The Earliest Female General of China-Fuhao Jade Statue
The Fuhao Jade Statue standing in front of Fuhao temple, is carved according to the concerned materials. Look, with shining eyes, and buckle on armour , it shows us the heroic bearing and charm of the first female general of the ancient China . The dragon-veined copper Yue, which she is holding, is the weapon she used, and it is 8.5 kgram weight.the other tiger-veined Yue is 9 kgram weight, Seen from. the heavy weapons she used ,we can say that Fuhao must be bold and brave. Axes and Yue were mainly used in the army in ancient times, and Yue symbolized military commanding stand and monarchical power.

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